Updates and News
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  1. Through February 26, 2017
    'A Comdey of Tenors' at The Paper Mill Playhouse
    Tickets are $32-$98 and are available online.
  2. Ongoing
    Art Gallery Management and Design Course
    The course is taught by Tina Ziegler, experienced gallery manag​er and curator. Through informative and detailed voice lectures in a video presentation, Tina introduces the course in three specific classes covering all the key aspects of working in the art market and presented in a easy 'how to' format.
    Artist Affiliate eBook Store!
    Now up and running! Browse our featured eBooks.
  4. Through March 16, 2017
    4th Annual Highlands Art Exhibit
    Dwight Hiscano is the curator for the 4th Annual Highlands Art Exhibit, which runs from now until March 16 on the second floor atrium of the Morris County administration building. He is a photographer, a photography teacher and a trustee  of the New Jersey Highlands Coalition, which sponsors the exhibit with Morris Arts council.
Learning Photomanipulation
Learning all the ways you can edit your photos and images is like someone that finally learns the proper drawing techniques.
Hobby Into a Buisness
The course offers, complete step by step guides and manuals. Learn how to manage your business and avoid mistakes.
Speak A Second Language?
Start a second job translating text, emails and books for companies from home. Work fulltime or part time
Free Online Art Tutorials​​
Browse hundreds of online art courses. New tutorials are uploaded every week. VIP Members will have access up to 400 "paint-a-long" art courses.
Shapeshifter Yoga
Help reshape your body from home with a simple no nonse program.
DIY Woodworking Projects​​
Access thousands of do-it-yourself woodworking projects. Learn how to build great step by step guides.